Dudbears are kind creatures, and usually tend to act very docile and hospitable. They’re kind are usually to start up a party within a bar. Most species find their simple ways and disregard for most uses of magic as strange.
Physical Description
Dudbears are a race that stick out in a crowd, small in stature, the stand just a hair shorter then the average dwarf. They’re also recognizable for their teddy bear like appearance and slightly long snouts. Color wise they come in all shades, some dudbears even dye their furs
Dudbears get along with all races greatly, though some dudbears are just naturally afraid of species larger then them
On the Good/Evil axis, dudbears tend to go for good. On the axis of Law/Chaos, dudbears tend to learn towards neutral, since laws no a lack of laws appeal to them.
The homeland of the dudbears is interesting, in that unlike most creatures, dudbears did not come from the sea of salt, but were creatures who came from one of the far southern islands, which would takes around a month to reach by boat. It still baffles historians how and when they arrived here, but they do know that the race made their home in the Kreaton Caverns. The dudbears lived their for many years, but most tribes of dudbears were forced out of the caverns due to the Eternal Star incident 10 years ago. In present times, 90% of the dudbear population lives in Austurawitz, a dudbear community which is now a small powerhouse in the Paratii market.
Dudbears are the only race on Partii island, due to the fact that they are not from Paratii island, to not worship a known god. They instead worship to a strange god from the south known(In dubswissa) as ‘Dublanna’ which translates into either ‘The Creating Goddess’or ‘the Destroying mother’
Dudbears speak a strange foreign language, known as ‘Dub’, which uses the same few words repeatedly in sequence, and with inflections. Along with that though, they speak ‘Dubswissa’ which is a combination of dub and swissa, a dwarf dialect which the dudbears picked up when they first established Austurawitz, which originally was a dwarf mining town.
*Names*Dudbears are all named in ‘dub’ by their parents, the complexity of the name increasing each generation. Thus by their friends they’re given nicknames, which they usually use for non-formal occassions.

Racial Traits

  • +4 STR -2 INT -2 WIS. Contradictory to their appearance, Dudbears are incredibly strong, but not very smart.
  • Medium Sized
  • Base Land speed – 35 ft
  • Automatic Language: Dub Bonus Languages: Swissa, Common, Dwarf and Terran
  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • +4 search, Knowledge(Engineering) and +2 appraise check. Dudbears are able to quickly to find things, find out how much they’re work, and how to make something.
  • +2 Reflex. As ex-monsters, dudbears are naturally quicker to move out of the way of things.
  • Favored Class: Fighter

Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
20 years +1d4 +1d10 +3d6

Table: Dud-bear Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
60 years 90 years 110 years +2d% years

Table: Dub-Bear Random Height and Weight
Gender | Base Height | Height Modifier | Base Weight | Weight Modifier |
Male | 3’ 5" | +2d4 | 70 lb. | × (1d3) lb. |
Female | 3’ 3" | +2d4 | 65 lb. | × (1d3) lb. |


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