Prism of Seasons


The Prism of Seasons is a small golden ring with a prism on it, colors flowing inside of it ever changing.


The prism of Season was originally an artifact from Dragoncrest Isle, which is now known as Castaway Island, crafted by a Gnome named Flimyak Throblegropper, who lived there harvesting the breaths of dying elder whyrms. When the wars between Chromatic and Metalic Dragons became more and more intense, Flimyak fled from Dragoncrest Isle, and made his way to the mainland and died of old age. Years later, the artifact was found by a group of people, and they decided to settle a city around the ring, which they named ‘Flemashi’, which was 4cornersville before it was divided, together. Later the Elders of the town decided that they would divide into four towns, and that they would place a temple in the center of the four towns, and locked it with four locks. Each key to the locks was given to one of the towns, and inside the temple, the ring would be placed.

Prism of Seasons

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