Religious History

In the begining, there was Flemashi, the Sea of Salt, and Paratii Island.

Flemashi is, was and shall allways be known as the most powerful creature to ever have exsisited. Due this vast power, Flemashi had the ability to create deities. Flemashi called upon the forces of nature and created 6 beings known as the Natural Deities. Their original names were in the language of Fey, which read:

Tryne, God of The Land
Zea, God of The Sea
Barlen, Goddess of Good
Libleyt, Goddess of Law
Morphes, God of Evil
Ghazel, God of Chaos

Over years though, and due to the Fey Wars, these names were translated into Common,

Tryne became known as Rustler
Zea became known as Palporta
Barlen became known as Olarmia
Libleyt became known as Alamia
Morphes became known as Guntak
Ghazel became known as Tickey-Tickey

Flemashi then began to plan. He commanded Tryne to spread his roots throughout the island, and spread his life force. He did such, and vegetation flurished.

Flemashi turned to Palporta in the sea, and told him to use his powers to bring life to the Sea of Salt. He did such, and slowly life began to evolove, and move onto the land.

Flemashi was very pleased, and turned to the 4 remaning gods, who were bickering the entire time. He comanded them to go to the end of the Canyon, and they would be the balancing forces of the island. Good would sit across from evil, and Law would sit across from Chaos. When ever there was a major dispute regarding this aspect, it would be brought before them, and they would settle the dispute.

Flemashi then looked to the ground and noticed that creatures had become prominent on the island, but found it hard to move across the land. He then noticed a creature that was able to dig through the ground, known now as a mole. He picked up a small mole and named him Teragon. it would be his job to keep the soil soft on the island, so that Tryne would be able to grow food for the creatures. Teragon did this happily, and began digging.

Once this was all decided, Flemashi was pleased, but looked up, and noticed that there was an empty space. So from himself, he tore a piece, and modeled it after a creature he saw on the island. This was a Snake, and thus Shik was born. Flemashi then created the sky, but only covered half of the world. He attached it to Shiks back, and told him to fly, forever carrying the Sky on his back. Shik gladly did this and created Day and Night.

Flemashi wished to create a way for creatures to tell night and day apart, so he took out his eyes. His right eye became TaiiA and his left eye became AiiaT. He placed his right eye in the sky during the day, and told TaiiA that she shall watch the creatures, and keep them warm as a reward, and make the job of those who do bad harder to do in Secracy. She did this happily. Then Flemashi placed his left eye in the sky during the night, and to AiiaT that she shall also watch the creatures, but those who do wrong shall be rewarded with the cover of the night, while those who do good would be helpless.

By now vegetation and creatures flurished, and Flemashi was pleased. Bu then noticed just how much vegetation there was, and decided to take another piece of his flesh, and created a creature that resembled vines, and called him Yon-Yon, and gave him the responsibility to control all plants and their growth. Yon-Yon did this happily, and began to teach the creatures about the plants.

Looking up in the night Sky, it seemed very dark, even with AiiaT glowing up there. So Flemashi poked holes in the night sky, and created the stars. He concluded by taking another piece of his flesh and creating on slighty larger star, and called him Etna. Etna would watch over the creatures, and grant wishes those creatures. Etna did this, and Flemashi was pleased

Flemashi then noticed that it was always the same during the day and night, and wished to create variety. So he took 4 creatures. A Boar, a Rooster, an Ox and a Horse. It was then that Flemashi created time. One year took 365 days, devided into 12 30 day months.

The Ox was named Wizen, and was given the first two months of the year and the last month. He would bring about a time of cold. He took this happily and Flemashi was pleased.

The Horse was given the three months after Wizen, and was named Elodea. Hers would be a time of growth and would help balance the change from cold to warm. She took this happily and Flemashi was pleased.

The Rooster was given the three months after Elodea, and was named Rarean. His would be a time of relaxation and warmnth. He took this Happily and Flemashi was pleased.

Finally the Boar was given the three remaining months, and was named Toran. Like Elodea, his would be a time for growth but would instead balance the change of warm to cold. He took this happily and Flemashi was pleased.

Flemashi looked over his work and was very pleased, but then noticed that things were all ways there, and there wasnt much room left. He then took his heart and created Liberus. He would take life away from creatures, and their souls would be taken to where they had reveared in their life, and live there after life. Liberus did this happily and Flemashi was pleased.

It was during this time that another power God came to Paratii Island. His name was Lucemia, and he wished to control the beautiful land which Flemashi had created. He offered to take the responsibility off of Flemashi’s hands, but Flemashi had another idea. He created a parrallel world, and called it The Fey Wild. He placed all of the original creatures in this place, along with the faries, and then taught them the ways of magic, both from the gods and from the natural world’s body. He then seperated the two worlds, with creatures on the fey world able to create portals back to Paratii if they wished to return to their homeland. Flemashi gave Lucemia complete dominion over this world, and allowed him to be called god of the chromatic dragons, which Lucemia accepted.

After this, humans and other new species came from the sea. Flemashi favored these species, and thus, used the rest of his powers to bring a blessing upon all of the creatures. This blessing was that any creature born, created, or risen on Paratii island could ascend to godhood. But also from the sea, came new creatures known as monsters. These creatures were vilolent embodiments of anger, and would attack humans. Flemashi was not pleased, and ate all of the monsters before he died. His flesh became a floating island to the north, and was called the Eternal Star, which would hold all of the monsters so humans would never have to worry about them.

1,000 years passed and the humans had began to establish cities. In one of these cities, known as clockwork, they named a king. This man was known as Bakana, first king of the humans. He had been a brave Knight, and had lead a rebellion against his father, a creul tyrant who considered himself the ruler of all he saw. Bakana invaded his palace with a mob of people from all over the island and defeated him. TaiiA noticed this, and came to him one day, informing him to make his way to the east, where no human had gone before. He did so, and found Barlen Libleyt Morphes and Ghazel awaiting him. When he stood between all four of them, he was teleported to the Eternal Star, and pitted against a Black Dragon. he sleighed the beast after a great battle, and was awarded godhood, named the God of Battle.

It was another 50 years before another god was chosen. In the sea, some creatures chose not to go to the mainland, but stayed near the god Palporta, and created a city within his hallow cavities, which Palporta didn’t mind. These people were call the Sahagins. The Sahagins not only in habitaed Palporta, but the island where YonYon made him home, Melon Island. Yon Yon taught these people to make their own food, free of the coddeling that Tryne had given them. Eventually, Melon Island became a tropical Paradise. The Sahagins then went to the mainland, and told the humans that if they brought ships, they would sell them the food that they grew. The humans gladly accepted this offer. They then created ships that would go between the mainland and Melon Island. The people who drove and maintained these ships were called Pirates. One Pirate, named Gartin, was so brave that he decided to map the sea and see what was out there in the world. He then discovered that there were other Islands besides Paratii, and when palporta heard that a human had learned this, he told him to travel to what the humans had named the Pilars of War, where he would be tested. When he arrived there, he was teleported to the Eternal Star, which had become a maze, a single gold coin in the center that would make whoever touched it a god. While maping the maze, he came across an otter, and decided to bring it with him. When he finally made it to the center of the maze though, the god leaped from his hand and grabbed the coin playfully, but the Otter then became the god of Pirates, Nicakata, which Gartin was okay with, and the two remained friends until Gartin died.

On a small southern island 200 years later, known then as Dragon Isle, there was a war occuring between the chromatic and metalic dragons. One dragon though, named Arium, a Radiant dragon, won the war for the Metalic Dragons by defeating Ioxian, a Pyroclastic dragon who was the leader of the Chromatic Dragons. Arium then created a council of Great Wyrms, where one Great Wyrm from each species would bring problems and debate or battle for certin rights for their own or other species. It was Etna who noticed this, and told Arium to go to the Eternal Star, and battle his nemesis again. If he did this and won, who would be named god of the metalic dragons. It was a grueling battle which took 3 days to finish, the entire island shaking while this occured, but eventually Arium was victorius, and was named God of the Metalic Dragons.

It was 350 years after this that something occured that baffled historians for ages. One day, smackdab in the center of the continent, fallowing an earthquake the night before, there was a large mountian, larger then almost everything else on the island. People were afraid at first, but slowly they figured out that it had been a rock turtle that had been sleeping in the mountian range, and had finally made its migration that rock turtles make every 20 years or so, and must have out grown the mountian range. So now there was Poa peak, but what happened was somthing no one could have predicted. West of the peak, there was a rain shadow, drying out the area into a desert as dry as a bone. One of the creatures that prospered in this enviorment was the Sphinx, and within the Sphinx hierarchy, the Emperor’s Daughter, Giza, was the most intelligent of the Sphinx, and helped her people gain control over a large portion of the area, now known as the Dusty Desert. TaiiA saw this and called her to the Eternal star, where she slayed 100 creatures x10 times her size with her wit alone. Then she became Giza, Goddess of the Desert.

It was soon after this though that the Fey wars began. Lucemia had rounded up the Faries, the original people of Paratii, and convinced them to rebel since Flemashi had turned his back on them. They went full force against the humans, and many many lives were lost. But then, in Melon Island, they began to fallow the word of a man named Karathus, who had lived in the underground valcanoes for a century, claming that Flemashi would save them. But in reality, Karethus was just trying to act as a plecebo for the people, so they wouldnt worry. One night, when the faries were preparing to summon Lucemia back to Paratii so he could begin his reign, Karethus made a prayer to Etna to give him strength. Etna heard this and granted his wish, and brought him to the Eternal Star, where a creature disguised as a begger attacked him. Karethus quickly killed him, and in a state of panic, the gods made him the God of Volcanos. Right when Karethus returned to the mortal relem, Lucemia had been summoned. It was Karethus who sacraficed himself to Lucemia, but actually burned him from the inside out, and saved Paratii Island.

Another 1,000 years past, and a civial war had broken out between the northerners and the southerners, 10 years from the present time. The Prince of the north, who was named Selva, was an acceptable sorceror, and had actually inquired with the pillars of war if he could become a god. As a decendent of Bakana, they gave him the chance to prove himself. When Selva arrived at the Eternal Star though, he ignored his challenge and then began to concentrate a mass ball of energy at the island itself, and sucessfully destroyed it, pieces The gods of evil were quick to commend he creativity, but the gods of good demanded he be killed. They compromised that he would have to stay in the Inferno Tower for 10 years, then prove himself once again. With the destruction of the Eternal Star, moral fell on both sides and the north and south agreed to temporary peace.

Religious History

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